Council and Committees

Council and Committees

Cheryl Bauer Hyde, Chairperson – [email protected]
Merv Bender Vice Chairperson – [email protected]
Jean Meyers, Secretary
Pastor Fran Schmidt – [email protected]
Colleen Bowen – [email protected]
Dick Honch – [email protected]
Lois Manchur – [email protected]
Donna Meyers – [email protected]
Darren Sundbo – [email protected]
Messiah Ministry Teams – Council Liaison(s)
Caring Ministry & Community Service: Lois Manchur, Jean Meyers
Education Ministry: Merv Bender, Jean Meyers
Property Management Ministry:  Dick Honch, Darren Sundbo
Property Maintenance: Wayne Hyde
Worship Ministry: Colleen Bowen, Donna Silver

Church Groups
Altar Guild: Jean Meyers
Men’s Breakfast Group: Merv Bender – [email protected]
Messiah Lutheran Women, MLW: President Corrine Amyotte;                                                                                                                   Program Coordinators: Jean Meyers                                                                                                    Secretary/Treasurer: Cheryl Bauer Hyde

Administrative Assistant: Donna Deobald – [email protected]
Finance:    Accountant: Garry Reinhardt – [email protected]
Treasurer: Morris Hesje – [email protected]
Envelope: Harvey Jacobsen – [email protected]
Funeral / Event Catering (MLW): Hazel Schultz – [email protected]
H2H Helper:
Janitor: Vimy Penner
Kinasao Liaison: Merv Bender – [email protected]
T4T Youth Coordinator:  
Sunday School Coordinator:
Women`s Circles: Faith: 
Myrtle Giles; Naomi: Corrine Amyotte




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