Volunteer Sheet

VolunteerDid you know that you are a really talented person? If no one told you that before, I’m telling you now! Each and everyone of us has many talents. They might not be the same as the next person’s, but they are just as important.

We at Messiah want you think about how you can use your talents for the benefit of your church. We hope that you are willing to help us with various tasks within our church, such as assisting in services, help us with our children, youth and adult program, participate in our services and outreach in our community, or work with us when needed to maintain our church building.

Here is a volunteer sheet that you can print out, fill out and return to us by email or by dropping it off at the office. We hope that you will find something there that meets your interest and that we might enjoy your talents with that particular task.

Thank you for you willingness to participate in building up our church and community!

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